How To Do The Perfect Manicure At Home

If you want to save time and money on manicures, you’ll need our essential steps for a DIY manicure at home—for a fraction of the cost!

Step 1: Remove current nail polish

Soaking the pads with acetone remover, wrap up your nails with the soaked pads, and using the clips to infibulate your wrapped nails.

Step 2: Clip And File Your Nails

Clip nails first, if necessary. Then file (in one direction) to get your tips square, round or somewhere in between.

Step 3: Buff Your Nails

Using the roughest side of the buffer, buff your nails gently, moving the buffer from side-to-side.

Step 4: Clean And Soak Your Nails

Wash your hands to remove the chemicals from the nail polish remover. 

Step 5: Push Back Your Cuticles

Use a cuticle pusher to shape your cuticles.

Step 6: Moisturize

Pamper your palms with buttery hand lotion or cream. Then use a clean cloth and a bit of rubbing alcohol or polish remover to remove the oils from your nails so the polish will adhere to the nail. 


Step 7: Apply the gel polish to your nail

You only need to apply one coat for one-step gel. Choose your favorite color, maybe do a little design.


Step 8: Curing your nails with a nail lamp

If you have ever gone into a nail salon, then you have likely noticed the nail lamps that every nail technician uses to curate nails. You might be wondering if the nail pros use them, then shouldn’t you? Well, the answer is, not quite. You do not need a nail lamp for regular nail polish application. However, when you use gel nail polish or an at home UV nail polish set, then you will certainly need a nail lamp. Unlike regular nail polish, gel nails will not dry properly or stay on if you do not curate them with an LED lamp for nails.


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